The Inheritance

Dragons and Weed-fever

Where is the dankweed?

As we awaken from a rest we find some Wisps’ that guide us to our horses. I hope to see more of those in the future they are just beautiful. My horse dankweed was so happy to see me and knew it was time for some more adventuring. The boyz and I huddled up and looked at the map in search of what to do next on our journey. Luckily there were no more holes in the map to go after. I don’t need to be a dead guy again. I love life!
After some strong talks about where to next we decided it would be wise to take a 2 day ride to Winterhaven. As we begin to ride we notice a loud screeching noise in the sky. I an’t gonna lie I peed my pants a little. That hasn’t happened in a while. My horse dankweed wasn’t having any of it either. (God I wish I could get a puff or two of that dankweed again. What an experience.)
We hear the screech again and notice that it is a dragon in the sky soaring around looking for who knows what. The idea to try to catch it or fight it came up but we decided stay focused on getting to winterhaven. (That’s a first).
As we arrive to a forest Nax and Fox smell something magnificent, they said it was like an orchard was around, fresh fruit. As those two head towards the smell Oblet notices that a giant plant eats them. Turns out that smell was there to attract food for the plant. Without hesitation Oblet and I decided to show this plant who is boss. I didn’t a plant could do much harm but man was I wrong. This bitch had some tricks up its s-leaves. I would hit us with some disease and make us sick but we fought through it.
The plant gave me Fith Fever. It’s slowly killing me. Not good.
After whipping some plant ass. We lay to rest and I somehow sat on a little bag of gold. Talk about being lucky. Maybe I could buy a pretty new broach or some sweet new boots.
We then jumped back on the horses and ride on and soon find a little shack that looks to be empty and have not been used in some time. Oblet kicks the door in and check it out. He didn’t care bout anything that could be in there. When we get inside we realized that this was just a temporary habitat, for who tho, I’m afraid we will never know. After some deep searching around the place we find some pretty Crystal Prisms. That was about all we found and we headed back to town. I felt like so bad no thanks to that fever.
As we arrive to winterhaven we meet some guards at the front gate who seem to be skeptical of use but we told them bout some of our adventures and how we destroyed the Iron Circle. The men also talked about that crazy dragon we saw earlier. They let us in and we first looked for a store to buy supplies and maybe help cure my fever.
We dropped our horses off at the stable. The man who owned that joint was just not cool in my book but whatever. We arrived at Delphina and Sister Lunora. They are religious and hope that some prayers can save me. The rest of the guys left me to look for supplies. We donate 5 gold pieces for their help.
The guys found Berwyn’s shop. We get a ritual scroll and oblet got some cool sword. The paid him for the stuff with the prisms. We made it seem like they cost a lot of money and were very rare. He went for it. They bring back the ritual to me and I chill at the stables to study it for 8 hours. This was my last chance to get rid of this fever.
We learn about Valthcan the President who lives in the tower in the city.
We find some farmers who had friends in Timbervale.
We head to the tower and when we got there Nax threw a rock in hopes to get someone’s attention in the tower. We found it was a lot easier to just knock. After a few knocks a guy opens the door.
We learn about the Shadowfell keep- A portal to shadowfell- A dark dark world
The portal is a huge threat where many creatures flooded into.
We get some sleep and in the morning we head towards the portal. We buy some horse food and before we head off I ask the stable fellow if he had any dank weed only to learn that is what killed his father. (Awkward.)
When we arrived at the portal that is surrounded by ruins, we feel power in the stones and head towards the center. We each try to recite the letter for the portal and the wind would pick up and then die right away. We then said how about we say it together and well that’s when things got crazy. The wind went crazy and we collapsed and were transported to the center of an arena only to find a dragon in front of us.
Naturally we fight.
Ronald quickly grabs onto the dragon limiting its movements. We each took our turns and gave the dragon some serious blows. In the end the Lightening arrows that I found finished him off. Oblet used them well.
We are just work too well as a team. It is a beautiful thing.
We then go back to center and teleport back. Let’s keep on rolling!


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