The Inheritance

Man Did We Party


After a party in our honor we arise the next morning with no sign of Darg. We agree to go meet up with Grandpa. We meet up with him and he explains that he is gonna teleport us to another world and we must retrieve something for him in this world or we cannot come back. For the travel I am given a stone to ease the travel.
When we were sent into the new world the lab vanished before our eyes! We were gone and split up.
Fox awoke in a field where he soon met Naxgarth and started to walk to fields only to find Oblet sleeping. Out of the blue the saw the marmoset. The little guy was crazy. As they look at their surroundings, they notice that it is split one side green and beautiful and another side just dark and all winter. Oblet finally awoke to and the three began to follow the marmoset which soon led them to me. The stone that I had connected with the marmoset.
The area that was in winter shape was all frozen with snow falling and farmland with many frozen crops. We find a road and walk it for an hour or so only to see more farmland destroyed by the cold. We find a village called Farmcrest. We see some smoke coming out of houses and many other buildings abandoned . We find a camp and in the center of camp is Lord of Fallcrest Faren Malkeway.

After a night’s rest a boat appeared from the sky and lands. Out of the boat is a crowd of undead. One of the men has an Ice Scepter. I stay back to and do some magic. Some villagers die in the fight. My cloud of daggers does work on the undead. After the crazy battle we got the Ice Scepter. We learn the ice scepter can help end the eternal winter.

With the ice scepter we get on the floating ship and head to Frost Jaws Peak. The ride is a rough one as we sail in the sky through terrible weather. We battle throughout all of it and arrive at the peak. We see a building with 40 foot pillars with frozen skulls.
When we arrive inside we meet who we believe is the Ice King. We find him in a room with a table that has food all over. Nax had some of the food which he later found out was poison. We gave the Ice scepter to who we thought was the king only to find ourselves in a long battle. As usual we fought through it and got the ice scepter back.
We arrived in the kitchen of the building to find men who gave us problems and wanted the Ice scepter. Oblet was turned into a rat. Things were getting real crazy but we were able to take out the men and regain our health as we decided to rest in the kitchen before we run into anymore crazy things for the day.


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