The Inheritance

Personal Diary : 20tho Flowerbloom

I have just received word that there is another group travelling through the Abbey, asking about cards. They supposedly emerged from the forest near the watchtower soon after the tower seemed to stabilize itself. Are they responsible for it? What did they find there? Do they have the cards?

They are clearly a force to be reckoned with as they have already killed one of my five mercenaries, Grosh. If they are truly searching for the cards, I may have to enlist others to stop them. I must speed up my work here. If I am to believe what the old man said about this place, there is at least one more card here and I will find it. I must not let him get them back.

Tam and Kurik last saw this group travelling toward the wizard’s tower. Good. I hope the remains of the mad wizard’s experimental golem kills the lot of them.



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