The Inheritance

She's a Bona Fide Winter Queen

but she's dead as hell

Listen I’ve seen a bunch of crazy stuff since I’ve started hanging out with these guys, Welltick, Naxgarth, and Obblet. Ronald and I have been traveling together for years and it’s always been pretty peaceful. Every now and again someone who doesn’t know any better will try to pet Ronald. This is a mistake! But that’s as exciting as it’s ever been.

But this? This is crazy! We are in an ice cave, 600 years prior to where we started. A boat talked to me! It talked to all of us! It basically held us hostage, demanding we return the Ice Scepter to the Winter King. So whatever, we’ll do it, and hopefully it gets us back to our own time.

We awake in a kitchen, fully restored from a bunch of fighting. Leaving the kitchen we find that the area is slightly less frozen. The room is decorated with ornate dwarven carvings. They seem to tell a story but it isn’t clear. If only we had a dwarf in our party who knew anything of his race’s own mythology. Do these tell of a Dwarf Atlantis? A Dwarf Holocaust? Are we currently in a Dwarf Holocaust, perhaps?

A library is in the next room and the thaw is becoming more apparent. In fact, most of the books and scrolls here are ruined and moldy from water damage. Obblet uncovers a vial of Dragonbreath, which he keeps. Nax attempts to knock over one of the shelves in the library but they are made of very heavy stone.

This room holds the throne of the Winter King. He sits upon his throne and just as we are about to proclaim that he’s not so bad, we realize we are standing on frozen dwarf corpses. That’s a bit too much for us so we leave immediately.

Outside the throne room is a room with a well. The wizard sends down Richard, who scurries down with ease and makes it back up with a pouch of 100 gold pieces! Fantastic.

Past the well is a room decorated with 3 silver mirrors and a ceremonial gong. Never to back away from a challenge, we of course hit the gong two times and are approached by a troop of the Winter King’s guards. We can’t talk our way out of this one, so we have to kill all 3 of them. Welltick and Nax each kill one, leaving the last guard in a tight spot. Nax puts us to a vote, and we vote to finish off the troop (he might run for reinforcements otherwise). Naxgarth’s hammer flies true, and he knocks the head clean off.

We don’t get a chance to enjoy the spice packets they dropped because the next room has a tiefling, an ogre, and 2 skeletons waiting for us. Obblet attempts diplomacy but it doesn’t work on the tiefling, who lights the 2 skeletons on fire and sicks them on us. While we’re distracted by the ambush, the tiefling lands a dance curse on Obblet and lights him on fire. The ogre terrorizes the party, and Welltick demands that Ronald do at least 10 damage. This sends Ronald into a frenzy, and he kills the ogre and 2 skeletons for good measure. Marco, who has been here the whole time I guess, controls the tiefling, slowing it down for Welltick to blast it to pieces. In the rubble, we find the Amulet of Companionship and a Fire Key.

The next room looks like some sort of lounge area or meeting room. Welltick immediately searches under the rug, finds a bandana, and puts it on. Naxgarth takes the Winter King’s tub for a test drive. We find a door behind the toilet, which actually opens up to a passage that leads us back to the throneroom. Alright, it’s time.

The Winter King demands we bow when we return the Ice Scepter, which brings him back to life. Marco runs in terror when he hears the king speak, and the king launches an ice attack, freezing Marco in his tracks. Obblet drinks the Dragonbreath Elixir and the rest of us spring into action. Sigh. I knew this was going to happen. Welltick’s thunder attacks aren’t doing anything against the king. Obblet uses a handspring assault. I try my Shadow Wasp Strike but I miss yet again. Ronald does a serious hit, and Naxgarth bloodies him. The Winter King has a menacing blast attack that starts to shake stalactites loose from the ceiling for lots of damage. Obblet uses a very slick interrupt attack at the last second, killing the Winter King. We take the Crown of Winter and the Ice Scepter for ourselves and start to look for a way out.

On our way through the rest of the rooms, we come across a ghostly figure who asks us for the Ice Key and the Fire Key. We only have the Ice Key so we keep moving.

Now we’re in a prison, with corpses rotting in cells. A huge hairy thing is sleeping in a cell in the corner. There’s a nasty old lady in a cell who begs us to set her free. She tries to convince us that she was once the Winter Queen, and that the Ice Key we seek is with a dragon named Thrymen. Great, we say. Seeya, we say. Gotta get back to 600 years from now, where we’re considered heroes and women throw themselves at us. SORRY.

She pulls some funny business as we start to leave the room, and all the cell doors pop open. Whatever, because we kill all the creatures and we kill her because she’s a crazy bitch and we have dethroned kings.


wickerpopstar pvolker

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