The Inheritance

Short and Sweet, just like ol' Naxxy

The opposite of Naxxy's member, however

Ok, gotta make this short and sweet because I gotta get going here. Things to do, things to kill.

We were in this tower after defeating some vile creature. Obblet tried to pick the lock, but weird thing is, there was no lock to pick! Welltick tries some magic, but that doesn’t work either. Time for some good ol’ fashioned brute strength. We all push, putting our shoulders square into that bitch and the door yields. Some ice shatters inside. The room behind the door is frozen! HA! imagine that!

Anyway, we get inside and there are four humanoids inside encased in ice. One of them has the symbol of Bahamut! OHHHH! BAHAMUT IS GREAT! PRAISE BE TO ISTUS! BUT BAHAMUT IS GREAT! BAHAMUT ACKBAR!

There is a crazy, but seemingly harmless, man inside too. His name is Vandomar. He is talking about the war and saving us from said war by freezing us. He then begins rocking and chanting and it is definitely weirding us out. Aliss tries some diplomacy; Vandomar is suspicious. Then, outta no where, FOX ATTACKS!

Of course it was an easy win, or so I think? Me thinks ol’ Naxxy took a bump on the noggin, because this moment of time is hazy. Maybe Istus would be so kind as to remind me what happened someday.

I remember shortly after that we found 413 gold pieces.

We head over to Winterhaven and the Rufton’s Inn. Effit is the bartender. At least I think his name is Effit. Istus? Anyway, Effit points us toward Sign to find some whores.

We go over to sign. He kinda seems like a drunk dick.

Aliss pretends to be someone else and then Sign admits that he is going to distract us with some fine whores and steal our money. Room is empty, no whores. BUT THEN! Three whores show up. Alix, Idell, Brenda. We dress as ghosts, Aliss supposedly has sex with all three whores. Sign comes up with a letter from Bjorn and Horne. They seek flavors and wish us to come home to taste the flagship Greeno beers!

Anyway, that’s all I remember. Really hoping Istus can perform a miracle and fill in the blanks.

[Istus is performing a miracle and filling in the blanks:

Sign told the party to go up to a specific room and the whores would be up. I believe everyone was trying to get Aylis laid. Everyone else dressed up as ghosts and pretended to float around the hallway outside. I’m not entirely sure why. Ask them.

Anyway, after the festivities, the whores leave and sign returns to collect. You haggle with him. And threaten him a lot. Accuse him of sending whores up to steal your money. There is no money missing. You pay him. He leaves, clearly shaken by the intimidation. Also, at some point, Ronald tried to get a beer, but couldn’t get his point across. He thinks he is people.

End. ]


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