The Inheritance

The Citadel is Three Stories

and a hell of a basement!


Occasional torchlight illuminates our path through the otherwise dark innards of the Citadel. Obblet leads the way, his snake close at hand. Suddenly the room is filled with choking mist, and a siren pierces the quiet. A trap! We are met by two orcs who spy us from the other end of a long hallway. This is a dangerous bottleneck, to be sure.

Duggan, bringing up the rear of our party, shouts “There are 4 dwarves, being held prisoner in this adjacent room!” You know how all dwarves know each other? He makes a big deal out of saying we should save these dwarves.

Obblet, Welltick and I oblige Duggan by entering the adjacent room, but we are met by even more orc guards. Amidst the battle cries in the hallway, and the guards in this small chamber, we have jumped from the frying pan to the fire! Obblet cracks the lock on the dwarf cell and sets them free. It would be awesome if they helped out, because we’re really in a hot LZ right now, but they’re too exhausted from sitting around in a cage all day. Typical lazy dwarves.

Something is terrifying about these orcs. We’ve killed plenty of orcs. I don’t recall any who have regenerated their limbs in a battle. This is an unsettling development. Backed into a corner, Welltick gets hit by 2 battleaxes but uses the brooch to halve the damage. So he only takes the net damage of 1 battleaxe directly to the face.

Duggan isn’t looking too good either. Maybe this has been too much for him. Ronald chews his way through the last orc with relative ease, and this clears the room. Welltick checks out a trapdoor in this dwarf chamber. There are good boots down there. They are ochre, and Welltick saw them first, so he takes them immediately.

We meet someone friendly here. Or we remember him vividly. Or we find a note he left. His name is Thane, or Rhengrin. Rhengrin definitely fled to the Timbervale, that’s something we all remember for sure. And that’s why we’re on this hunt in the first place. Help me, Istus.

Rhengrin or Thane (who can say) tells us that Hyrkzog, the orc chieftain, lives on the 3rd floor. Hyrkzog is known for his fearsome mask, which has many enchantments and magic powers.

Before we leave this room, I search a small side-room office area. Here I find a Stone Heart that looks very suspicious, but picking it up reveals that it is just an ordinary Stone Heart. I also find the keys to the prison cells on this level. We give the Heart to Duggan and we use the jailer’s keys to free 8 more goodfornothing dwarves.

We go upstairs. Ronald’s bearsense starts tingling, we all start to itch for a battle. It’s a nice big open space, and then we see him. This must be Hyrkzog, lurching over his two shorter minions.
I launch a successful Shadow Wasp Strike on Hyrkzog and he immediately begins to float, up to an opening in the roof. Ronald, itching for a fight, tries his hardest to climb the rope with his clumsy bear hands. The only way he could land an attack from the rope would be to jump off and try to grab Hyrkzog in mid-air. I talk him out of it. His acrobatics are pitiful. “You could hurt yourself!” I say, concerned. “Little fall never stopped old big bear,” he roars. Oh Ron. Obblet and I hop up the rope to the roof where we can get a better shot on Hyrkzog. Obblet lands a great attack on the Boss and shimmies back down the rope to kill an orc shaman, because orcs have no business learning magic.

Breathing deep, I aim true and launch two arrows directly into Hyrkzog’s mask holes. He falls to the ground below, and a healthy crunch signals to all of us he is dead.

We give Duggan the Stone Eye we found. Obblet takes some gloves.

The owner of that mysterious sending stone is up here. Although the stone is still broadcasting her whispers to us, she’s been dead a long time. Does the sending stone send from…hell!?

No time to see for sure. We’re off to bind Stonefang back to the Pit of Doom forever.

He’s a big boy!!!!!

He’s got over 600hp and he’s a big big boy. Duggan runs to each spell circle and utters an incantation to bind Stonefang to the Pit of Doom.

First Duggan binds the Rib, doing 100 damage to Stonefang,
next Duggan binds the Eye, doing 120 damage to Stonefang. He’s bloodied!
Duggan tosses the Hand to Welltick, and Welltick binds it. Stonefang loses 100 more HP.
This is Welltick’s 3rd crit in a row!

Nax has been taking damage the whole time and finally falls unconscious and starts spasming on the ground. We finally notice that he was here, playing, this entire session, but we can’t stop now. Stonefang heaves his heavy limbs toward us, smashing stalactites off the ceiling and shattering rocks as he goes. Obblet phase-steps into the final circle and shouts for the Stone Heart. Duggan binds the Heart, dealing 140 damage to Stonefang. Welltick casts Cloud of Daggers on Stonefang, who is now as weak as a kitten, and Stonefang dies. A huge beam of light blasts out of the Pit of Doom, and a sense of peace falls over all of us and Nax.

A card appears in this chamber, while the dust from the Great Binding of Stonefang still settles around us. This is what we came for. Welltick tucks it into his Scintillating Robe, with a devilish wink.


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