The Inheritance


The one where we FUCK EVERYONE UP

Lissen, as i sed last time, I due not like writing. I am goeing to make this is short and sweat as possible. Butt alot of stuff happened. Bear with me.

We were on the way back to town when Ariell approached. We hadthe bodies of Oblett, Ronald GOD HERO the Bear, and Grean-o. They dyed and we want thtem back. Fox says he revive Ronald because he can do it.

Ariell will do Oblett, but it apposed to Grean-o. We convince her that grean is good and he helpt us. After much talk, she agrees. We make camp, Ariola takes Oblet and Grean-o.

I was sleeping when all of a sudden i hear a comoshun by the campfire. I step out and oblet is stepping out of the stream, the stream is bubbling. He was just looking. Not at a thing really. Just looking. Then, this dimwhite steps into the campfire! Then, it appears that maybe he came two and he realizes he is in a fire and he runs screaming and he collapses and there is more bubbling from the stream and G comes out and sees us and turns around and runs the other way. Weird guy that grean. It was weerd, but it seamed to me that he was looking at the Big O (oblit).

We sense a strong sense of divine sense in oblettt. Sents a carved asteel, fieree i’s…a woman? Well then the elves come and we tel them everything and they look worried. Tell us spend the night, he will wake up in morning, then we must leave"". THen this one elve says “We halve traded one cerrupshin for another1!’ Well we go to sleep, but i keep hearing bird calls in the distance and i can’t help but think, I will bet greeano is eatin a bird!”"

I wake. Camp is gone. Elves are sneaky as fujj. WEll obletts tells me he found a small bottle filled with assh in his satchel and he feels a weerd feeling to protect it. did not tell anyone else. Not even his life parnter. ""Cousin.

This halfling woman shows up. Sereena daughter of elder of albridge. She says, ""hey the iron circle is abotu ta battle! WAR WAR WAR!""" THis is not a diret quote, but pretty diret.

She guydes us to albridge. People are mobilizing. I can smell the impedning bloodbath. And you know what. I felt a wiggle in my britches just thinking of it.

Dark Grimmith is happy to see us. he asks us to rile up townsfolk. He must no i have a Lombardian ability to inspire the fighters. indede, i give a vary rousing speach. Obble does a big time cartweels and townspeople go kooky. ""HOOOT HOOT HOLLER" and such. We train various people and tawk to people that did not look so into it. They are into it, but worried about what happens after. Distrustful of Dark ?

Well the morning of war has arrived. More pants wiggling. Banners razed, horns blasting. I bless the crowd, bahamut and istus, and we go off to battle. we are told we will be sent where we are needed/

Harc the messaenger shows up and says to go to a place. We get there and ruffly 10 iron circlers and this big lizard thing! Fox ecksplains that its a spitting drake that spits acid. What a vile thing would spit that! THis seems to be a weak collection of men and drake. Obletts bluddies the spitter right away, Welly, to whom i have referred until now, kills an iron circle jerk. THen he sed “Thunder! NANANANANA!” And killed 4 more with one of his mistereous thunderwaves. Easy win. back to town.

My mind is a bit blurry here i think cuz of the absolute thrill of being back at war. I remember the iron circle was burning farmhouses, there was a black scaled creature, and once again welltick had a huge attack! Perhaps he has some dwarf in him. Fine warrior that welltick. Still not sure about him and his cuzzin though.

Well, guess hoo we run into! NAZEEN REDTHRON! We intimidate that fat basturd. We devise a plan. Their was more haziness because of the ajrenaline. I have been werking on a new attack and it worked! 3 kills in one fell swoop! They had these things called tar devils though and they were tough and we had a tough time with them but we eventually beat all of the tar devils and other guys that were not nazeen, We start going for him, bt he runs away! Coward. COWARD! I want to get him bad. I want the kill too. I feel a snese of kill.

That is all for now.


wickerpopstar timschram

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