The Inheritance

We Need to Get These Motherfuckin Dragons off of this Motherfuckin Plane!

Are you there Istus? It’s me, Naxgarth.

It has been awhile since I logged. As i have stated plenty of times in the past, I am not one for words and writing. What do I look like, Zülg the Literate? Everyone knows he is the only dwarf that prefers composing poetry and reading over smashing skulls and swinging axes.

Anyway, how about all that stuff that happened with the dragons and all? Welp, that’s it. Until next time.

JUST KIDDING. I have to write a good entry since I so rarely write. But those dragons, hoo boy. It all started when we were transported from the arena to this odd winding hallway filled with smalls shops and kiosks; a bazaar of sorts. Zülg could describe it much better than I. But he is not with me and probably dead. We started wandering and before a few minutes passed a great light appeared. Kord appeared. Obblet, the ultimate trickster, tries convincing Kord that we killed a brass dragon. Kord smelled the bullshit from a mile away. Kord let us know that we are the first mortals in this place, which is an astral arena filled with gods and transcendent beings. This pleases me. I have always felt that i was more than mortal.

Kord’s disciples, Vik and Rek, are then assigned to us. One is dressed in gold, the other and silver. Kind of a tacky look if you ask me.

Obblet decides he is going to buy some food, but the vendor says we need an emblem. An emblem, you say? What is this emblem of which you speak? We go to talk to Vik and Rek and get some more information about where we are and what the hell these emblems are? Who doesn’t accept good old fashioned GOLD!

Vik advises that Bahamut (PRAISE BE TO BAHAMUT) and his nemesis Tiamat (BOOOO! HISSSS!) built the arena in order to pit their dragons against each other. Vik gives us an emblem, a white circle with a “10” on it. Huh? Obblet buys some “NokNok” and he enjoys some with Fox. I abstain. They say it tastes like “butterscotch”? I am not sure what butterscotch is, but it frightens me just as much as the NokNok. NokNok? Who’s there? Ha ha ha.

We approach one of the beings in the astral arena and I can hear Istus whisper, “he looks like a jawa.” What the hell is a jawa? Lot of weird things happening. Fox, for whatever reason, baby talks him. His name is Rand. And Rand is weird.

We go to the next shop: a big guy with more arms than we can count. I can’t count high, but my friends can, and they assure me, more than we can count. His name is Oshu, I think. Also a weird fella. How is this for a business model: he only has one thing for sale a day!

Next shop: human woman that forges weapons and armor. Woman tells us that Oshu says he sells one item a day. BUT HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF A DAY I GUESS?! We go back to Oshu and now he has trauma braces. If i am not mistaken, everything was very expensive. But i dont remember for sure.

NEXT TENT! There are five cloaked figures in a circle chanting. More weird. They are Reva the enchantress, or at least that is what I remember them saying. They give Ronald frost claws in exchange for the emblem. Elemental Ice Bear.They give us the emblem back. It is still white. But now is has a “2” on it.

We go to Vik and Rek. Rek is in charge of challenges. We accept a challenge of a baby black dragon. We go to Edrick, keeper of the dragons. Edrick says “blacks breath acid.” This is how stereotypes start. We kill the black dragon and VIk advises that emblems are not the only rewards. I do not recall an explanation of this, but i will get clarification. We fight the green dragon and we slay it! BLUE DRAGON IS NEXT! I feel inferior to the bear. Ronald is riding the dragon. We kill the blue dragon!

Well, that is where i tuned out on the day. EXCELSIOR!


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