The Inheritance

WHat the hell happened?

My god, Bahamut, what happened? It feels like we went for days with no rest. Let me try my best to recount this. We woke up in a room where we killed some person claiming to be the winter queen. We did not believe her so we killed her in her cage and then went to sleep and that is when we woke up and that is where this starts.

If anyone finds this and reads this you can probably just skim this because we seriously went for what seemed like days and more happened in this journal post than any other journal post I or anyone else has probably ever done.

We woke up to Obblet screaming and he smelled bad. At least that is what i recall. We kind of explored the hallways and Ron opened a door. We find scientific notes and a gnome alchemist had used it as a lab and the notes were hard to read.

We then go to another door and it says warning do not open punishable by death. Omnious. Invites adventure. We are adventurers. Obblet unlocks the door and it looks like an old guard room. Welltick explained that it is there to keep people in or out of another room and there might be ghosts here? Like i said, i am trying to recall a lot and i dont much remember what he was talking about. Part of the reason i do not remember what he said is because i feel the presence of ghosts and i yelled at the ghosts and then welltick speaks to the ghosts. He says they are free to go and we open the door and they vanish. We enter the room and it is well preserved AND there is a transport circle. we saw these once. Then the wraiths re-emerge, at least i think it is the same ones. My memory is very foggy. It was time to fight and we chant “ISTUS SUCKS”. He is not Bahamut. My dear Bahamut. The ghosts are tricky guys and they slide us around and make obblet swing at ronald. We killed the ghosts, but to get perfectly philosphical moment, i do not think you can actually kill a ghost.

We entered a new room w a huge dragon and lots of other people some expressionless and some screeming in terror and obblet prys loose a goblin totem and we unfreeze a dwarf that had been frozen for maybe like a hundred years and he does not even know the winter king. We unfreeze from other people and some of them die and some of them run and marco tripped and killed one.

Here is the doozy. The guy erestor we unfreeze him. At this time i am still QUITE SKEPTICAL of him. But then he explains that it was his doppleganger that sent us back and he is erestor and he is their grandfather. I am now a believer. He has retrieved what he came for and now we leave. Marco and the dwarf stay behind. As we enter the void, we hear the dragon roar. Oh well, not our problem marc, take care of it. Maybe you can trip him and kill him too. Ha ha ha. We collide with ourselves and we are back.

Erestor begins to tell us his tale and explains that dick belongs to him. No more dick for welltick. Erestor explains that he fools around with time travel. This is where it gets weird an over my head (not hard when you are a dwarf!!!) and he sys he notices a change in present after time traveling and even the journals change, but maybe they didn’t? I am not sure and i feel like asking the other adventurers but i am scared they will call me a dumb dumb.

He found a playing card in the past. These cards corresponded to large, dramartic events happening out of no where i think he said. He states that if you get the whole deck you get the ultimate power. He wants to collect the whole deck and destroy it. He then proceeds to tell us about the thunder spiral labyrinth and it is a mountain with tunnels and a civilized on top.He mentions STONE FANG PASS from whence i descended.

Now we are on the way to STONE FANG PASS (my memory is very choppy, i should have maybe taken an in between journal rather than try and remember all of this because a lot happened in between journals) and darg says to go south. Then we went to the general store because we were able to pack the store with people due to Obblet’s acrobatics, Fox’s arrow, and my lying and we get a discount. We buy horses. I think 2 of them were named luther and nibble snax, but that does not matter. I named mine Daddy’s Vacation in Wisconsin.

We stopped at Treona’s! She was not there and we find books. For some reason i remember the following and i do not know what any of it means: textiles, civil engineering, furnishings, orchard, government.

We approach fallcrest. Holy moly we were there in olden times. Everything looks better than we remember and there is a nice fountain in the middle and as we get a closer look we realize that the fountain is us! Then we start asking people about the winter king and the adventurers on the fountain. Their details are hazy and they are ungrateful and they dont believe that we are the great adventurers that saved this shit town.

We setup camp and have to scare some squirrels away. Heron assures us about the south route. Obblet finds demonic papers in his sleep then he wakes up. Very hazy memory.Heron’s owner approaches: IM Rodoace. What?

Now we are looking for Lord and Lady Sevrim. The town is empty and we are told to go to the knothole. Apparently there has been a dwarven civil war and a cult of dwarves split the group.

We go to lady Sevrim’s house and she let us in and it is a nice house. Kinda poor looking. Not what i would expect of a lord and lady. Friendly though. Very concerned about the town. We leave our horses in their stable and brand them.

We run into a dwarven girl and she asks us to find Flinka’s sending stone. We agree. We come to a rickety bridge. Very dangerous situation. A couple hypographs attack us and we fight. I notice a thing, a man?, in a shelter nerby. We kill the gryphs and he disappears. I fall in the water and grab a rock. Obblet jumped onto the rock with me for some reason. I lost a rope. Obblet lost a grappling hook. After many unsuccessful tries, we make it to land.

We get to the cave and get into a big battle. I feel into a cave, but got out. Then we rested and i am here now.

Very very hazy and bad journal entry. Should split this up next time. Good day. Istus sucks.


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