Erestor's Letter

Letter from Erestor Linwëlin to his great-grandchildren


A short letter from Erestor Linwëlin to three of his great-grandchildren, Obblet Kaddox, Welltick Handros, and Larien Linwëlin requesting they come to his shop, the Arcane Emporium in Harkenwold.


“My Greatest of Grate-Grandchildrens,

I grow alonely outside of the Feywild. Please visit me in Harkenworld. You can find me in my workshop, the Arcane Umporium. It is not difficult journey from your homes, but it will take time.

And I don’t want to waist any thyme.

If you meet any trouble attempting too enter the city, simply present this letter to one of the guards and they will surely let you in.

I hope you find it in your hearts to grant an elder in his twinelight this request.

May Corellon watch over you, Qobblet, Welltix, and Zarien,
Erestor Linwëlin"

Erestor's Letter

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