The Inheritance

Welltick Writes
Croakers Must Croak

There was cheese and leather in the air.
Obblet and I are still searching for our Grandfather who is in Erestor Linwëlin
We soon find Treona’s tower once again.
Set to venture to the Harkenforest with Kyistalkirt as our guide.
We learned that the Rat man we killed on our previous adventure was the brother of Kyistalkirt and that he did not care much for his brother.
The forest is a peaceful place and has a long history
As we walk through we have great talks of Hammerfest, a festival that is enjoyed by Naxgarth
The subject of the man in the red cape arose once and again. Many of us loved the idea of finding meeting him again and just kicking his ass.
We also try to spread laugher around our party but the jokes are just terrible
After an extended hike through the Harkenforest we set up camp, drink some ale, and wait to travel again til morning.
In the morning we reach the end of the forest and our guide Kyistalkirt parts ways with us.
As we head out of the forest we are surrounded by farm land that has been neglected
We head towards the near city and notice a pillar of smoke in a farmhouse
A lady screamed for help. There were vandals that were keeping here captive. We were able to taken them down and save the lady.
We learn her name is Illiana.She explains how her home was invaded and she lost her husband and two boys.
Obblet could care less about her stories and just wanted to get it on with her. She was a no go.
Baron Stockmore – Ruler of land prison (remember that)
She told us to find Reithann the druid who knows nature and has much wisdom.
She also explains to find Dar Gremath.
We avoid the Harkenvillage.
We meet Reithann and learn that we should destroy the Efen Iron Circle.
Toad wasllow keep message to Iron circle
We head to local inn. The bartender is a little weird and tried to get us killed by guards but after a few beers and a threat from Naxgarth and that awesome hammer the guards played it cool.
We learn of Red thorn the leader of the Iron circle.
We have also learned of Croakers (Giant Frogs)
We travel to Toad Wallows Cavern also called “Todd’s Bog.”
Once we get atop a ledge we become stopped in our tracks by Frog People with flying creatures as well.
With a whole lot of team work we showed them who is boss. Ronald is a beast!
I feel we will have many more frog peps to defeat in the future.
We will be ready.

From the Eyes of a Dwarf

Lissen. I am knot much for righting and my grammer and my speling are just atroshus. I am a dwarf. We do not pay any werry to edjucation and smarts. With all that sed, I am trying to keep this jernel to help cope, but enuff of that.

Yester day was re-warding. I have been on advenchure with a grate crew of men and bears. Welltick Obblet Fox Ronald the Bear (and i suspect that Welly and Obblet are not cousins, but something more intiment.) We wer asked to go out and find something called the slaying stone but a women we took to calling Tree Whore. Butt she gos by the name Treona. Or sumthin like that.

We finally got the stone after much adventure and seeming peril. Welltick sensed and evil aura. He is a funny chap. We decided to head back tree whore threw the slumms, as we had good fortune and good help there earlier. We say 2 vile goblins on the way and decided to intimidate them as they looked up to no good and we wanted them to leaf the cobalts in the slumms alone. They blamed the cobalts for ruining Kiris Dahn, i could give two shits. The cobalts did rite by me and the goblins have been nothing but shitheads.

We runned into some orcs in the slumms. Ronald killed one and let out a beast moan. The orcs were seemingly invincable and i and welltick were growing frustrated. Then sum cobalts came out to help. they had actually helped us a few days prior as well. good guys. They helped greatly, but as they are feeble, were killed quickly.

Welltick found some chains during this encounter and really wanted to use them for something and he made a collar for ronald and ronald really liked it and they were both happy. We killed all of the orcs. I then took a LIFE DRINKER WAR HAMMER from the Orcs because they wood knot be need it anytime, soon. Then we found the bag of this guy we met a few days ago this guy in a red cape we found his bag and he was a really weird guy and if we find him again i will probably attack him or capture him. We got back to treona’s house tower thing and gave her the slaying stone. we asked her about redcape guy and she told us that she knows his emblem and he is from a treasure hunting guild.

Session 3

From the Journal of Obblet Kaddox:

An eventful day with this crew of dolts. We rose early after much-needed rest in the mansion. Welltick greeted the morning sun with a green face. Perhaps he will think twice next time before drinking strange meade found in the bowels of a decaying mansion.

We promptly resumed our search for the slaying stone, heading first across the road to the nearby stables. Was quiet inside. Walls were lined with hounds slumbering in their cages. Rickety cages too. Poor craftsmanship. Being the feather-footed ones, Fox and I made our way across the stable and after some crafty lock-pickery, we found ourselves 120 gold.

We made our way to the living quarters and did our best to murder the goblins in their sleep, all the while Nax, Welltick and Ronald started to slaughter the caged beasts. Welltick tore through two of the younger ones. Ronald ripped one’s face from its skull. Nax finally got his day in the sun and murdered himself a beast.

“Beasts” may not be appropriate in this instance, though. The creatures were young and defenseless. I could see them posing a legitimate threat if we lingered in the stables for an additional 4-12 months, but truthfully, these were pups. Nevertheless, Nax and Welltick bashed in their heads like rotted melons.

After the frenzy subsided, Fox and I exchanged a congratulatory high-five for a battle well fought. Nax made a point to chime in and boastfully remind us all that he’d just murdered a small caged animal.

We looked around a bit to see if the place had anything to offer as Nax and Welltick argued about possibly adopting some of the spared wolf pups. Like a married couple, those two. Anyway, nothing for us there.

Across the road and to the temple, then. Nax kicked the doors in without hesitation. Welltick was not happy about this, remarking, “Oh great. Just put us into battle, I guess. #Life.”

So, Statue of Paylor the Sun God and all these dead goblins with brands on them. Fox dug through some sarcophaguses and put worms in his pockets. None of us said anything, but it was kind of messed up.

Next room over there’s these goblins, and they’re fucking. There’s a big pile of them, each coated head-to-toe in coconut oil, writhing. One sat in the corner, tending to himself. Basically, one of our guys went in there and did something and if it were really that important, I’d remember it. And anyway, I think this was around the time Nax got very emotional about something inconsequential and was yelling at all of us in the hallway.

Down in the basement we met a shifty fellow named Kiris Hoyt, allegedly a member of the royal family that once ruled the city before the goblin onslaught. He tells us about that awful orc woman we cut open and how someone’s sacked the library, and how we need to find more of those books, okay? Even gives us a book, and says, “You’ll find another one under the rug in the mansion.” and that’s all it takes to set Nax off again. I guess it’s true what they say about Male Dwarf Menstruation.

Goblins showed up, obviously. We all started to pummel them and Hoyt turned into a Rat Man. I thought this would be a welcome advantage but it became quickly apparent that the big idiot retained no loyalties through his transformation. So we killed him too, because fuck him.


Everyone fought bravely in that encounter but me. I suffered a staggering blow early on and sort of limped around pretending to look busy while the rest cleaned house. No matter that I wasn’t much help in battle, because I still laid claim to a goblin’s silver dagger by yelling “I WANT THAT!” before anybody else.

We left that place and went to… the baths, maybe? Some kind of brass dragon named Tyrestise. Not talkative in the least. Quite frankly, a pain in my ass. Spurred on by the approval and cheers of my crew, I lunged at her with a dagger and she was just a huge bitch about it. She eventually said some more stuff to us but I don’t remember any of it. I was too busy hating.

We went to the mansion and found that other book under the rug. Made ourselves a fire and got to talking. All of our stories were pretty tragic, except for Welltick, who insists that his past is boring. Ronald did not share a story because of how he is a bear.

Session 2
Dungeons and Drakes

The adventuring party (AP) awoke from their rest inside the inn. The corpse of the Orc continued to rot, as no one had chosen to remove it. It smelled awful. Weltick suddenly recalled that he knew a comprehend language ritual. He cast it to understand the book they had found, which was written in Primordial. While he could not understand the details, the book seemed to be concerned with changing something powered by evil to something powered by good.

As it was still very early in the morning, the AP decided it would be a good time to travel to the temples. They were able to avoid being seen by anyone in the streets, but when they reached the temples, the encountered a kobold scavenger named Gmart Sickfury. The adventurers convinced Gmart to assist them in reaching the mansion, so he recommended that they go to the Kobold Slums to meet Xer Bonethroat.

Upon reaching the slums, they are quickly attacked by a kobold named Speelog and his two iron defenders, metalic hounds that he dug up. He splashes a whole bunch of oil on them, which turns out to lure a nearby ankheg into the battle, but the AP makes quick work of them while Ronald rudely peeps into house windows. Upon knocking Speelog unconscious, kobolds emerge from nearby houses, thanking the AP for ridding them of Speelog. Their reward is a new bow for Patrick.

They discover that Bonethroat resides in a warehouse to the south so they go and meet him. They tell him of their desire to reach the mansion and he agrees to give him some kobolds to lure the goblin guards away from the entrance to the mansion. The party meets the kobolds and try to plan how to get to the mansion, but some arguing erupts among the AP, so the kobolds leave without them, crossing the rooftops.

The players begin crossing the rooftops, approaching mansion, when they encounter a strange man in a red cape with a gold lion. He claims that he’s been watching the group as they move through the town and insults their lack of cunning. He doesn’t say anything about himself, and disappears. Everyone thinks he’s a jackass. They’re right.

The players get into the mansion, and are attacked by a goblin general name Hu-Jat riding a large red drake. Goblins pour out of the mansion and attack the AP. The AP struggled to fell the beast, but eventually manage to do it, but not before Ronald is critically wounded. Naxgarth is kind enough to heal him. Obblet is wounded trying to kill the remaining goblins, two of whom escape successfully and warn others of their general’s death.

The AP search the mansion for the stone, but the ritual reveals that it is not present. Naxgarth finds some gold in a corpse and a wheel. Weltick gets drunk on mead and mistakes a coat rack for a monster.

The party rests for the night, but are interrupted by the sounds of a goblin mob marching on the army. Luckily, they are able to escape to the stables…

Session 1
The adventure begins!

The adventure began with Welltick Handros and Obblet Kaddox travelling on the old trade road to visit their Grandfather, Erestor Linwëlin in Harkenwold. The weather gets bad, so they try to make it to a city called Kiris Dahn to stay the night. En route, they find Naxgarth the Obsidian and Fox, and his bear, Ronald, being attacked by ravenous wolves in front of a tower. After defeating the wolves, an old woman calls the adventurers into the tower for safety.

She introduces herself as Treona and, upon learning that the characters are skilled adventurers, tasks them with finding a Slaying Stone in Kiris Dahn. Kiris Alkirk, the heir to Kiris Dahn’s nobility also introduces himself and explains more about the current state of the town. After the party rests, they set out for the Kiris Dahn in the morning.

They enter Kiris Dahn from the East, through the forest. They make it through the forest without issue, but Obblet struggles to cross the river and is assisted by Ronald. Once they cross the river, they hear some noises in the tall wheat fields ahead of them. Alarmed, the make loud noises, shouts and growls (Ronald was very helpful), and scare away what turns out to be a cow. They make their way into the farmland, evading a couple of goblins who were investigating what scared their dinner away.

The party makes it to the library, where Obblet climbs to the top to survey the tower and the surrounding area. Seeing a way into the library, the adventurers enter. They sneak up on some goblins, one of whom (named Rort, fyi) was searching through the remaining books. They surprise the goblins and attack, wiping them all out, including some oozes that Rort summoned. They find a strange book with a stone on the front, written in Primordial. When they perform the ritual to find the stone, it fails; there is no stone in the library.

They leave the library and approach the temples, where they see swarms of goblins out front preparing for a celebration of some sort. Unable to enter the temples, they move around them. Upon reaching the town square, a goblin from the temples follows him, and demands they give him something to keep them secret. They give him 40 gold. He goes away.

They reach the mansion to find patrols of goblins executing drills in front. The characters first attempt to lure them away with a ghost sound in the distance, but they don’t hear it. Instead, the characters decide to approach them, but once they are seen by the goblins, the militia breaks rank and charges at them.

The heroes flee and reach the old inn. They find an entrance, but once they look in, an orc named Krayd the Butcher attacks them. They defeat Krayd (poor Ronald got pushed into a pit). After investigating, they learn that she was part of a clan of orcs called the Severed Eyes who was tasked by Dreus Matrand to find the Slaying Stone. They perform the slaying stone ritual, but it reveals there is no stone here. —


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