The Inheritance

Session 1

The adventure begins!

The adventure began with Welltick Handros and Obblet Kaddox travelling on the old trade road to visit their Grandfather, Erestor Linwëlin in Harkenwold. The weather gets bad, so they try to make it to a city called Kiris Dahn to stay the night. En route, they find Naxgarth the Obsidian and Fox, and his bear, Ronald, being attacked by ravenous wolves in front of a tower. After defeating the wolves, an old woman calls the adventurers into the tower for safety.

She introduces herself as Treona and, upon learning that the characters are skilled adventurers, tasks them with finding a Slaying Stone in Kiris Dahn. Kiris Alkirk, the heir to Kiris Dahn’s nobility also introduces himself and explains more about the current state of the town. After the party rests, they set out for the Kiris Dahn in the morning.

They enter Kiris Dahn from the East, through the forest. They make it through the forest without issue, but Obblet struggles to cross the river and is assisted by Ronald. Once they cross the river, they hear some noises in the tall wheat fields ahead of them. Alarmed, the make loud noises, shouts and growls (Ronald was very helpful), and scare away what turns out to be a cow. They make their way into the farmland, evading a couple of goblins who were investigating what scared their dinner away.

The party makes it to the library, where Obblet climbs to the top to survey the tower and the surrounding area. Seeing a way into the library, the adventurers enter. They sneak up on some goblins, one of whom (named Rort, fyi) was searching through the remaining books. They surprise the goblins and attack, wiping them all out, including some oozes that Rort summoned. They find a strange book with a stone on the front, written in Primordial. When they perform the ritual to find the stone, it fails; there is no stone in the library.

They leave the library and approach the temples, where they see swarms of goblins out front preparing for a celebration of some sort. Unable to enter the temples, they move around them. Upon reaching the town square, a goblin from the temples follows him, and demands they give him something to keep them secret. They give him 40 gold. He goes away.

They reach the mansion to find patrols of goblins executing drills in front. The characters first attempt to lure them away with a ghost sound in the distance, but they don’t hear it. Instead, the characters decide to approach them, but once they are seen by the goblins, the militia breaks rank and charges at them.

The heroes flee and reach the old inn. They find an entrance, but once they look in, an orc named Krayd the Butcher attacks them. They defeat Krayd (poor Ronald got pushed into a pit). After investigating, they learn that she was part of a clan of orcs called the Severed Eyes who was tasked by Dreus Matrand to find the Slaying Stone. They perform the slaying stone ritual, but it reveals there is no stone here. —


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